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Why Choose Us?

What is important to you when choosing a pediatrician?

  • Have an experienced and professional doctor that also takes the time to listen to the patient and the parents so you never feel rushed.

  • Have the same doctor attainable by phone, video and text, even after hours.

  • Pay only for services rendered, with no subscription fees.

  • A woman owned and run clinic.

  • A pediatrician that is trained in mental health for all ages.

  • A clinic with professional billers that exhaust your insurance coverage before charging you.

If all of these are important to you, Dr. Reut Ron Pagi is the perfect choice. Shoot her a text at (310) 789-2058 or schedule now.

The reviews on Google and Zocdoc are unequivocal and place us as the best pediatrician in Beverly Hills. 
Gemini (Google’s AI) was able to summarize our reviews: 

Overall Impression: Highly positive. Patients consistently describe Dr. Pagi as being kind, gentle, attentive, and understanding. They emphasize her willingness to listen to concerns and take the time to address health issues thoroughly.

  • Specific Points of Praise: Warm, compassionate bedside manner: Many reviews highlight Dr. Pagi's ability to put both children and parents at ease.

  • Thorough explanations: Patients appreciate that she explains diagnoses and treatment plans in clear, understandable terms.

  • Dedication: Her availability for same-day, after-hours, and telehealth appointments demonstrates her commitment to providing convenient care for families.

  • Expertise: As a dual board-certified pediatrician and pediatric nephrologist, her specialized knowledge in kidney and urinary tract disorders is reassuring for patients.

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